Below are many of Pastor Marc's sermons. New sermons are posted often. Check back weekly for the most recent sermons.


Recent Sermons

Nor Anything Else in All Creation (07/07/19)

Brought from Death to Life (06/30/19) (Audio)

Two Sons - Jessica Ice Speaking (06/23/19) (Audio)

And Hope Does Not Disappoint Us (06/16/19) (Audio)

The Spirit of God Unleashed (06/09/19) (Written)

Reflections on Study Service Term,
Luke Vance Speaking (06/02/19) (Audio)

Paul's Letter to the Romans (05/26/19) (Written) (Audio)

Turn from these Empty Idols (05/19/19) (Written)

The God of No Partiality (05/12/19) (Written)

Even to the End of the Age (04/28/19) (Written)

There They Will See Me (04/21/19) (Written)

Whatsoever You Do (04/07/19) (Written) (Audio)


Older Sermons

Come to the Banquet (03/24/19) (Written) (Audio)

The Unfairness of God's Love (03/17/19) (Written) (Audio)

Plenty of Reasons (03/10/19) (Written) (Audio)

You'll See It When You Believe It (03/03/19) (Written)

Where Your Treasure Is (02/10/19) (Audio) (Written)

Blessed Are You (01/27/19) (Audio)

Remember Who You Are (01/20/19) (Written)

My Child the Beloved (01/13/19) (Written)


Advent 2018: The Lord is Our Righteousness

Epiphany Sunday: Wrong Place? - Jane Shaffer speaking (01/06/19) (Audio)

Advent 4: The Blessing and Restoration of Love - God Be With Us (12/23/18) (Audio)

Advent 3: Rejoicing in God's Justice - The Joy of John the Baptist (12/16/18) (Audio)

Advent 2: Proclaiming Peace (12/09/18)

Advent 1: Watching and Waiting in Hope - Stand Up and Raise Your Heads (12/02/18) (Audio)


Series on Peace

Peace, Part VI: Final Thoughts -
O Love of God, how Rich and Pure (11/25/18)
(Audio) (Written)

Peace, Part V: Living Peace - Peace Within Us (11/18/18) (Audio) (Written)

Peace, Part IV: Peace as Active Non Violence - Nonviolence as God's Strategy (11/11/18) (Audio) (Written)

Peace, Part III: Violence in the Old Testament - Dealing With Divine Violence (11/4/18) (Audio) (Written)

Peace, Part II: Spectrum of Christian Views on Violence - Understanding My View, The View of Others
(10/28/18) (Written)

Peace, Part I: Peace as the Creator's Intent -
Created for Violence or Created for Peace
(10/21/18) (Written)

A Servant of All (10/14/18) (Written)


Making Disciples Series

Part IV: Living a Purposeful life - Intentional Discipleship (09/30/18) (Audio) (Written)

Part III: Allowing for Gifts of Each - In Dryness and in Plenty (09/23/18) (Audio) (Written)

Part II: A Lifelong Process - A Life of Conversion
(09/16/18) (Audio) (Written)

Part I: What Does Discipleship Mean - Being a Little Christ (09/09/18) (Audio) (Written)


I do Believe, Help my Unbelief (09/02/18) (Audio) (Written)

Group Who Visited Sister Church in Puerto Asis, Columbia (08/19/18) (Audio)

Beyond Security (08/12/18) (Audio) (Written)

And Still We Fail to See (08/05/18) (Audio) (Written)

Unexpected Prophets (7/29/18) (Audio) (Written)

Night of Poetry & Music (with Jessica) (7/27/18) (Audio)

Twelve Baskets Left (7/22/18) (Written) (Audio)

A Sermon on Blessing (7/15/18) (Written) (Audio)

Jesus Rejected (07/08/18) (Written) (Audio)

A River Flowing - Jessica Ice Speaking (07/01/18) (Written)

Conference Minister Katherine Jameson Pitts Speaking (06/24/18) (Audio)

To Love Mercy - Jessica Ice Speaking (06/17/18) (Written)

Who Are My Mothers and Brothers (06/10/18) (Written)

Pentecost - Renewal and Skepticism (06/03/18) (Written) (Audio)