Contact Information for Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship

Street Address: 1520 N 12th Street, Boise, ID 83702

Phone Number: (208) 336-9872

Pastor: Marc Schlegel-Preheim
E-mail Address:

Marc's office days are Sunday, Tuesday - Friday.

* After the birth of baby Schlegel-Preheim, Marc will take two weeks off, followed by one-month of being half-time.  Then, beginning in January, Marc is going to try going 80% time so he can be home an extra half-day a week with the baby.  We will try doing this for a few months, and then evaluate how this works and feels for our church community and the Schlegel-Preheim family.

Administrator: Lauresta Welty
E-mail Address:

Lauresta's hours vary on a weekly basis. Check the church calendar to see office hours for the current month.