Our 40th Anniversary! ~ November 5, 2017

"Forty Years of Growing a Comunity of Peace"

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Written Reflections from former pastors - Larry Hauder, Kathy Builderback, and Gary Jewell

Letters from former pastors - Tim Cooper, Linda Nafziger-Meiser

Story Telling (Audio) - During the Sunday School hour we journeyed through a whirlwind timeline of 40 years at Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship. We heared brief vignettes on some of the life and work of the church from a variety of church members. This time mainly focused on some of the outward workings of the congregation – how the church has sought to be engaged in our community, nation, and world.

Worship Service (Audio) - During the Worship Service we heared from former pastors and leaders in the church, some who were present with us and others who have written in a reflection about their time serving at Hyde Park Mennonite. We saw a slide show of photos, and sung old favorite hymns together.

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